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Dear Reader,


We have a responsibility to the truth. 


“What was Africa before Slavery?” 


This was a question I grew up asking. I opened books, they all felt daunting. I read, understood, discussed and debated them. These books were never in our curriculum, when found they were hidden in thick textbooks that I would sit with and read for hours. I never had the luxury of variety when it came down to unfiltered African history, not many cartoons or accurate films.


Those with the answers should deliver the truth, and those with the questions should dictate how it is delivered but I struggled to find digestible content on my history.


I grew up on Horrible Histories, Documentary channel, films, cartoons and comics all about the history of the world, yet the ‘world’ I was taught began in the United Kingdom and ended in America, with the occasional contributions of Asia and the forceful support of Africa.


I knew I needed to create something that told the complex stories of our ancestors but was digestible enough to educate a generation on its history.


Something to tell the tales without watering them down.

Something that will create history whilst telling it.


Sit with me as I take my future child through their history, before they and you make your own.



 - Nego True

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